The International Museum of Art and The Frontera Land Alliance are proud to present “Castner Range: From the First People to Forever” A FREE community art show celebrating the cultural, historical and ecological importance of Castner Range. Join us as we celebrate its first year as a national monument with a free call to El Paso artists ages 10 and older! 

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What is Castner Range

Castner Range has been a treasured El Paso space for millennia. The First Peoples lived and thrived on the land dating back 10,000 years. In the first half of the 1900s, the land was used by the US Army and in the later half of the century, the area was under threat by private development. Since the 1970s countless community organizations and El Pasoans have been working to preserve this majestic landscape.

On March 21, 2023 President Biden signed the proclamation naming the Castner Range a National Monument preserving its history and ecology forever.


How to Visit Castner Range National Monument 

Though not open to the public at the moment, here are several ways to view CRNM safely.

  • Visit the El Paso Knapp Land Nature Preserve where you can cee CRNM from the south border.
  • Check out the overlooks on the eastside of Transmountain Road to view the mounatins geology.
  • Visit the El Paso Museum of Archeology for education on geology to history, that you can enjoy while viewing the National monument and visit the CRNM exhibit in the museum.


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