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Youth Art Poster Exhibition: Security NexGens’ “Violence: Breaking the Cycle & Healing Project”


The International Museum of Art is happy to host Security NexGens Violence: Breaking the Cycle & Healing Project 

As a part of Security NexGens Violence: Breaking the Cycle & Healing Project 21 Unique Art Posters, and stories have been created by youth in the Juvenile Detention Center. These posters have gone through a judged panel, and will be exhibited at the International  Museum of Art. 

The Exhibition will be up from Wednesday, May 11th until Sunday May, 29th

Security NextGen, a Washington, D.C.-based non for profit, invites you to participate in the upcoming  “Global Youth Service Day” (GYSD) in El Paso, Texas, which will take place April 29th-May 1st mobilizing young people to come together to improve their communities. 

The event is being organized and co-hosted by Security NextGen and the El Paso County Judge Enrique H.  Peña Juvenile Justice Center, an institution devoted to public safety by promoting restorative justice and rehabilitation of young adults.  

The Center’s Community Improvement Program participates every year in GYSD, and for this 2022 edition, the youth have chosen the theme: Violence, Breaking the Cycle.  

Through Art and service-learning activities, GYSD focused on 22hrs of learning sessions on preventing  violence in our communities, emphasizing the importance of empathy and unity. 

El Paso knows the impact a violent tragedy can have on a community since August 3, 2019, when a single  shooter killed 23 people on the premises of a supermarket. 

Through GYSD 2022, we would like to shine some light on the community and speak out against violence.  The youth will express themselves through their art and speaking out against violence.  

Security NextGen is a non-profit 501c3 organization that educates and brings awareness of crime and  violence prevention by allowing youth to form juvenile programs.  

We are also a platform for public participants to use critical thinking by sharing, inspiring, and creating  solutions to prevent hate crimes and violence with activities including innovation, technology, art, and  creativity. 

  • May 18, 2022
  • 12:00 am
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