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Sue Koenig’s Window to the World


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of a remarkable new collection, “Sue Koenig’s Window to the World.”

The museum is inviting the community for a special sneak peek event on Sept. 23-24 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. to embark on a cultural journey through 40 countries via 150 unique art pieces and artifacts. This extraordinary collection will eventually be displayed in the late summer of 2024, so don’t miss your chance to see it in 2023.

The collection is named after and gifted to the museum by Sue Koenig, a renowned world traveler who dedicated her life to collecting unique pieces of art and cultural artifacts from all over the globe. The collection boasts over 10,000 pieces from 110 countries, including textiles, pottery, jewelry, musical instruments, and sculptures. It provides a unique window into different cultures and traditions worldwide. “I started this project off the museum in 1996, though I had been traveling and collecting since 1974. It has been a labor of love,” said Sue Koenig.

“We are thrilled to receive Sue Koenig’s Window to the World,” said Cynthia D. Horton, Board Secretary. “Receiving this enormous and substantial collection requires dedicated financial support from the community. Since we do not receive funding from the City, we rely on supporters, sponsors, and grants.” You can support the IMoA today by joining our Pillars of Support campaign. Your donation is an investment in bringing this collection to our community. 

“We are grateful to all our volunteers, staff, and board members who continue unpacking and documenting the collection,” said Melissa M. Offutt, President of the Board. “We have 150 items on display, representing only 1.5% of the collection. We are amazed and in awe every time we unpack a box!”

IMoA Members received a first look at this new collection. Become a member today for more previews and other great benefits!

Click the link to read the article written by the El Paso Inc about the collection! Visiting Exotic Worlds, Globetrotter shares her Window to the World _ Local Features _ elpasoinc.com September 2023

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the special preview of our new collection Sue Koenig’s Window to the World. A special thank you to our volunteers for dedicated your time and efforts into bringing this collection to the IMoA, we sincerely appreciate you and all that you do.