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So You Want to Illustrate a Children’s Book, Demo by Jean Holzenthaler, RBW

So you want to write and/or illustrate a children’s picture book. Do you have an idea for one? Is it something you have wanted to do for a long time?

Jean Holzenthaler will explain some of the basics of creating an interesting, colorful, relevant and successful picture book for young children. Participants will be able to start writing and illustrating a basic ABC book during the presentation. Attendees will leave with information needed to self-publish their book using online service and ideas for continuing learning about creating children’s picture books.

The Rio Bravo Watercolorists meet at the International Museum of Art on 1211 Montana on Wednesday, April 20 at 10:30.  Public is welcome. If you have any questions please call Wanda Richardson at 915-276-5035.

See illustrations below.  Jean published two books in 1978 ans 1979.  She started an online class on building characters and the last image is what she is creating now.
Dorian Clouser
RBW president
  • April 20, 2022
  • 12:30 am
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