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Recognition Ceremony & Family Day Presented by Frontera Land Alliance

As a part of the “Special Places & Wide Open Spaces” the Frontera Land Alliance will be hosting the shows Recognition Ceremony & Family Day Sunday, September 17  1 – 4pm. Join the Frontera Land Alliance and learn about our Northern Chihuahuan Desert! The reception and recognition ceremony will begin at 2pm

The International Museum of Art is excited to partner with the Frontera Land Alliance to bring you “Special Places and Wide-Open Spaces” to celebrate the natural beauty of the northern Chihuahuan Desert! Local artists of all ages and backgrounds submitted work that captures the unique landscapes, flora and fauna of the lands the Frontera Land Alliance preserves.

The Frontera Land Alliance protects – forever- natural open spaces, farms and ranches, watersheds, and wildlife of the northern Chihuahuan Desert. Click here to learn more about their work.

“Special Places & Wide Open Space” Proudly features:

Sarah Ashton-Boyd, Sydney Candelaria, Jasmin Campoya, Marina G. Cano, Jodie Carcerano, Darlene Castro, Caroline Chavez, Vanessa Clark, Elvira Contreras, Scott Cutler, Citlali Delgado, Robert Dozal, Paul Dumond Jr. ,Brenda Flores, Patrick Gabaldon, Rebecca Granados, Cristina Grijalva-Garcia, Tom Harding, La Mueka Hernandez, Tim Holt, Cynthia de Lorenzi, Kirsten Jedamczik, Stephanie Juarez, Esteban Macedo, Daniel Maes, Sahyly Martinez, Anna Del Bon Masucci, Sandra Marshall, Diana Molina, Eduardo Moreno, Carmen Navar, Joanna Overton, Lydia Pagel, CUAUHTÉMOC PIÑA, Israel Rodriguez, Rocio Ronquillo, Jazmin Saenz, Jorge Salgado, Braulio Sanchez, Beth Senger, Michele Stone, Pámela Vigo Sánchez, Jan H. Wolfe, Luz Wolf & R. Craig Williams,

Works Courtesy of The Hal Marcus Gallery & Jean-Claude Linossi winner of the Caster Range Award from The El Paso Art Association

  • September 17, 2023
  • 3:00 am
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