Dorian Clouser is a Co-Chair of the Rio Bravo Watercolorists, a El Paso based volunteer led nonprofit, that is dedicated to promoting the art of water-media to the El Paso and the surrounding communities. She is in addition an artist, whose work will be shown in this years exhibition.


1. What influenced you to become an artist? 

I became an art teacher, and in conjunction an artist because it was inherently a part of who I am.

I wanted to teach, I wanted to experience a variety of artistic forms.   

  1. What inspires you? What do you do when you get into a creative block?

Life inspires me: landscapes, flowers, my cats, Plein Aire, friend’s artwork, photos I have taken, many things inspire me.

I have taught on-line with Teams with El Paso Community College. In doing so I have learned of many on-line sites from which to be inspired, You-tubes, art materials websites like Daniel Smith or Winsor Newton, and art museums online collections.

I am a member of New Mexico Watercolor Society; we have a demo monthly September through May.  Rio Bravo Watercolorists does this as well, locally.  El Paso Art Association has member exhibits, meetings, and demos as well.

Connecting within the art community is important; artists speak differently than other folks do.

  1. How would you describe your style? When did you first know you had a personal style? 

I would say there is a poetic realism to my artwork.  I paint local, I paint what I am inspired by, I paint what I love. I like Plein Air painting. I can create from my imagination, and I am willing to learn new ways to approach watercolor.

My style has evolved and since my retirement I have devoted more time to watercolor. That said I tell you I had my style over thirty years ago. This is a sense of idealism in my artwork.

  1. What would you like the viewer to take away from your art? 

I believe you will see I love El Paso; I depict many landscapes, yet I help the viewer see it from a serene vantage point. I strive for recognizable local haunts or scenes. Serenity, peace, joy in living is what I want to convey.

  1. What are your future plans as an artist?

I am currently the president of the Rio Bravo Watercolorists; March is our annual show at the International Museum.  With Covid-19 we have not had a face-to-face show in two years.  So, this is an event!  We have an opening the first Sunday of March and three watercolor demonstrations for the rest of the Sundays. The juried show has a large monetary set of prizes valued at just below $2,000.

I have contributed to the Pillars Fund at the International and I have challenged our membership to contribute as well. I believe in what this museum offers for artists locally to have a place to show art and build community.

I want to create a large multifigure family portrait of a generational depiction of family gone and present; some I never met.

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