Boehm Birds

Edward Marshall Boehm and his wife Helen opened a small basement porcelain-making studio in the basement of their home in 1950. While the New Jersey couple had no training in the discipline of porcelain-making and little formal arts education, they began one of the most successful porcelain studios in the nation’s history.

Known for their lifelike attention to detail and construction of only the finest pure porcelain, Boehm sculptures are coveted by collectors all over the world. Swan by BoehmGiven as gifts from U.S. presidents to foreign dignitaries or the pope, Boehm sculptures are in the most illustrious places on earth.

The Boehm Bird Collection

While the International Museum of Art’s collection is dwarfed by those at the White House, Vatican, or Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum is lucky to have a collection of more than twenty fine Boehm sculptures. Many of these pieces are on loan from the El Paso Museum of Art.

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