Hall of Fame

In 1994 the International Association for the Visual Arts established the El Paso Artists’ Hall of Fame to honor artists for their accomplishments and contributions to the visual arts scene in the El Paso region.

Artwork of the honorees resides in the museum collection. There is also a bronze plaque listing each member of the Hall of Fame in the Museum’s parlour.

Visit Hall Of Fame Wall Page For Honorees.

How to Apply

The International Museum of Art inducts members into the Hall of Fame once every other year.  Nominations are accepted until the deadline established the year of the award date.  The next year’s nominee will be inducted in November of 2009.  Nominations will be accepted until September 2, 2009.  Criteria for nominees is as follows:

  1. Artists must have lived in the El Paso area 10 years or more.
  2. Artists must have been acclaimed for outstanding excellence in the field of visual art.
  3. Achievements should be statewide, nationally, or internationally recognized.
  4. Artists must have been accepted in the juried exhibits.
  5. Artwork should be an outstanding expression of the positive human spirit which would merit special recognition.

Any interested person may submit a letter of nomination detailing the artist’s achievements to:

International Museum of Art
1211 Montana
El Paso, TX 79902

1994 William Kolliker
1994 Urbici Soler
1995 Mortimer Wilson, Jr.
1995 Connie Dillman
1996 Anna Johnell Crimen
1996 Eugene Thurston
1997 L B Porter
1998 John Sherrill Houser
1998 Jose Cisneros
1999 Russell Waterhouse
1999 George Robert Snead
2000 Bill Rakocy
2000 Susan Amstater Schwartz
2001 Ernesto Martinez
2001 Ann James Massey
2002 Rosellen Marslender
2002 Manuel Acosta
2003 Ricardo Hernandez
2003 Hal Marcus
2004 Alberto Escamilla
2005 Tim Gallegly
2006 Earline Barnes
2010 Aleksander Titovets


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