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Art of Antonio Piña: One-man Exhibition

 The IMoA is proud to present  Art of Antonio Piña: One-man Exhibition: July 1 – July 29, 2023. Please join us for the reception July 1 at 2 – 4pm 

Facebook: Antonio Piña artist

In the art of Antonio Piña, you see the faces of children pleading action for a sustainable and habitable planet. It is an expression of love for the Earth and its diversity of life. The one-man exhibition opens Saturday July 1 at the International Museum of Art with a reception from 2-4 PM. The public is invited and admission is free. Children should bring their parents.

Piña says, “I’m giving my artwork away to save the Earth. The climate crisis is a horrific reality, entirely human caused. Children are growing up wondering whether the planet will quickly become incapable to sustain life in all its beautiful forms. It is an injustice, but the solution is human led and possible. It will take moral courage, not hope, a radical vision for the future where everyone does their part.”

The exhibition includes fifty-six original works. The sale of artwork proceeds will go into the Elsa & Antonio Piña Family Environmental Fund, all tax deductible, at the El Paso Community Foundation. One can donate personally at Here at the El Paso Community Fund without a purchase of a work.

Thank you to everyone visited and thank you to Antonio for putting on an amazing show!

Artwork Spotlight – “Resurrection”


“Resurrection” is an original work by Antonio Piña. This type of work is known as trompé-l’œil which means to deceive the eye. At first glance you may not notice anything out of the ordinary, but a closer look will have you find that the frame has also been painted.

“Resurrection” Oil on Canvas, 48”x48”

Story for the work, written by Antonio Piña. “Sometimes as the painting develops, I write a story. Both evolve as a painting and a story. Finished, I post them on my Facebook page. Below is what I wrote for “Resurrection”:

“IT WAS DUSK. The studio lit up as the last vestiges of color painted the sky. There, I noticed a faint lingering light on the back of a large canvas facing the wall. Curious, I approached wanting to know where the light came from in twilight. As I fanned my hand over it, I discovered the light was coming from within the canvas. “Impossible!” I thought. I recoiled as I reached to touch the surface and my hand penetrated the canvas as if it was not there. Startled to see my hand disappear to the other side, my heart raced with fear. Did I have the courage to explore this phenomenon and peer inside? I held my breath and let go of fear as my head went through not knowing where this would lead. Immediately, I experienced a sudden pulling inward and saw what seemed like a spider web of crackling glass emanating from a central point, a vortex; but as my eyes became adapted, I saw it was not glass. It was an enormous galaxy growing out of my solar plexus and my vision beheld the immensity of the heavens. Can a body contain the Universe? As I asked the question, my body disappeared in a burst of light, transforming into spirit moving across the constellations like a blazing comet while false beliefs vaporized into space. I cast all idols that I had made, returning them into the world of illusion:opposites, madness, misery, war and death. I was now a faceless light, moving in stillness, traveling were space falls off into the end of time to nothingness.

My mind’s eye saw in all directions at once and my mental gaze caught sight of a distant but brilliant light. A star. The light approached rapidly from the vastness becoming bigger. Understanding it was the center of the Universe, or the very edge of Eternity, I moved towards it. Quickly, the brilliant light enveloped me and lavished me with an incredible Love. At long last, I recognized my true self. There was a resounding chorus of joy and comforting peace beyond description. I was the prodigal son coming home to Oneness with no cares or worries, or fears or past regrets. I was completely whole, at one with all creation and with God. In the Light, I rested, never wanting to return to darkness. It was then that a soft voice called my name.
Could it be…?

Then again the voice called more persistently and loudly, “Tony…Tony, you’re snoring,” It was my wife.
Quickly, I opened my eyes and responded, “I am awake.” A new light dawned upon the world with the newborn purpose of forgiveness. Wide-awake, I smiled.

Tonight, sleep in Heavenly Peace dearest friends.”